Our cafe will be closed until March

A message from the team at Avonfield Kitchen…

Merry Christmas one and all
Before you go and deck the hall
We’d like to give our thanks to you
For making our start so fun – woohoo!

But baby…it’s getting cold outside,
and this has been tricky to decide,
but we think it’s best to take a break
(cos all these scones are hard to make!)

But don’t worry, we’ll be back in spring
Come by in March, when the garden sings

But in the meantime…If you need yummy food –
We cater for meetings and parties (or if you’re just in the mood…!)

We will be closing on Sunday 23rd December until the Spring. In the meantime, if you’d like us to cater for any meetings or parties, please get in touch with Becky on 07595 503337 or email avonfieldkitchen@gmail.com.

Happy holidays from Avonfield Kitchen

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